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Ray Belmonte Duo - Laugh It Up With Ray & Rick At The Starlight Lounge 1960s (Canada)

On: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ray Belmonte duo was a classic lounge comedy from the mid-60's with great one liners, song standards, and general buffoonery.
They were an early sixties Canadian lounge act.  With bad jokes and  musical parodies (Hello Dolly, Shanty In Shanty Town, etc.) the Duo were seen as up-and-comers.
ARC Records was Canada's most notorious low-budget label, in the same league as labels like CROWN or ALSHIRE in the states. They were famous for taking famous pop songs by one artist and getting some shmoe to cover them and giving him a phony name similar to that of the original artist. So you'd find records on ARC like I Walk the Line performed by Jonny Cass. Other comedy records on ARC included the huge selling satirical folk LPs of The Brothers-In Law. They were named for their actual careers as Ontario police officers. They put out four records on ARC, and then Alec Sommerville, the group's leader, left to go solo on ARC. Two other comedy records on the ARC label were Deegan's Diary - a comedy LP by a Hamilton radio personality and Al Boliska's World's Worst Jokes, by a Toronto radio personality.

Source: material snatched, plagiarized, scrambled and reformatted from original, better material posted on the awesome WFMU and Evil Pain Clown blogs and comments authored by Kliph Nesteroff.

01 Side 1 Laugh It Up With Ray And Rick
02 Side 2 Laugh It Up With Ray And Rick

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Media Funhouse said...

You won't too many comedy acts that will top a beatnik joke with a rape gag, but these guys do it. I love hearing obscure lounge acts, and these guys are pretty damned obscure. Relics of an era!


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