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Dickie Goodman - My Son The Joke 1964

On: Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dickie Goodman
Richard Dorian Goodman
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Apr 19 1934 – Nov 06 1989 age 55
Official Site

01 Harry's Jock Strap
02 Sweet Pure Daughter
03 Dis An' Dat
04 Army, Navy & Marines
05 See Ya Later, Linda
06 Red River Sally
07 If Ida An' Anna
08 Balling My Zelda 222
09 Tavern In The Town
10 16 Bums
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Mr. Jaws and Other Fables 1975
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1 comments on "Dickie Goodman - My Son The Joke 1964"

Media Funhouse said...

Dickie openly rips off Allen Sherman here -- and shows us how talented Sherman really was in the process. About the only thing he's got that Allen didn't is risque lyrics, but I think he was best-suited to those "sampling" 45s....


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