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Lenny Bruce - Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Mind 2000

On: Tuesday, April 5, 2011

01 The Story Of A Boy And His Father Who Spoiled Him
02 The Funniest Man In The World
03 Honey
04 So Sick And Dirty
05 Busted
06 Trials And Tribulations
07 Who Are The Thought Police

Shut Your Mouth  

1 comments on "Lenny Bruce - Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Mind 2000"

Media Funhouse said...

Not a great album on its own, but if you're not familiar with Lenny, this is the best audio "biography" (the best visual one is the documentary "Swear to Tell the Truth"). The Carnegie Hall and Curran Theater concerts are the single intros to his work in general, but here you get a boiled down version of his life, innovations, and legal and drug battles.


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