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Albert Brooks - A Star Is Bought 1975

On: Friday, April 29, 2011

Albert Brooks
Albert Lawrence Einstein (yup!)
July 22, 1947

01 In The Beginning
02 Phone Call To Americans
03 Near The Beginning
04 Party From Outer Space
05 In The Middle
06 Phone Calls From Americans
07 An End In Sight
08 Love Song
09 The End Of The First Beginning
10 A New Beginning
11 Promotional Gimmick
12 Call This Cut Three, Side Two
13 The Englisman-German-Jew Blues
14 The Beginning Of The End
15 The Albert Brooks Show #112
16 The End 
17 Pardon My Boner

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Party From Outer Space b/w Phone Call To Americans (Letter To Americans) (45) 1975
Rewriting The National Anthem Part 1 & 2 (45) 1973



2 comments on "Albert Brooks - A Star Is Bought 1975"

Ron Schneider said...

At last, at last, at LONG last... the Holy Grail of Comedy Downloads... and the funniest single album I've ever heard. A million thanks from an M.B.F. -- a Major Brooks Fan

JimG said...

Check it Comedy Minus One, too

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