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Singing Doctors - On Stage 1960s

On: Friday, April 1, 2011

This album was put out by the Greene County, MO Medical Society's Scholarship Foundation for aid to medical students. 
It's a collection of jaunty piano-and-vocals medical parodies, apparently sung by real doctors. Only real doctors could have gotten away with singing such explicit material in the '50s/early '60s period these songs were probably recorded. It definitely wasn't for the general public - only other medical industry professionals would understand all the references.
The opening medley parodies popular songs of the day like "There's No Business Like Show Business" and "I Only Have Eyes For You" with medicine-inspired lyrics.
"Justified Appendectomy" shows off some mystery doctor's impressive operatic singing. "Old Blue Cross" is a finger-snapper with a tap-dancing (?) interlude.
"Hemorrhoids" is cornball country with nice harmony vocals singing lyrics that would make Gene Autry faint. The Tom Lehrer-esque "Terminology" is one of my favorites, confirming something many have suspected - that doctors use incomprehensible jargon to baffle patients and justify their high salaries!
"Remember The Days" is another winner, a funny but wistfully nostalgic look back at a doctors' career.

The group was also known as the Greene County Boys.
Cast of performers: "Emmett" Gose, Lockhart, H'Doubler, Fred Coller, Brown, Hal Lurie, Jim Cook, Lister, Pasteur, Wimpy Adler.

01 Theme, We're Singing Doctors
02 Now I'm A TV Star And Dahling, That's Showbiz
03 At Your Cervix
04 Fibroid Tumor
05 Medicare
06 Appendectomy
07 The Message Is Massage
08 Masters Degree
09 Birth Control Pills
10 Terminology
11 Halitosis Beats No Breath At All And Menopause
12 Hemorrhoids And Closing Theme

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