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Victoria Wood - Lucky Bag 1983 (UK)

On: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Victoria Wood
Victoria Wood 
aka Victoria Wood CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire)
May 19 1953 -
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Victoria Wood is a talented comedy actress/writer/singer who has built up a national reputation following a string of self-written TV plays, films and sketch shows. Born in 1953 in Lancashire in Northern England she first had small screen exposure in the TV talent search show New Faces when she sang comedy songs of her own composition. Accompanying herself on the piano, she scored heavily with viewing audiences with her jaunty tunes, which often belied her sharp, poignant lyrics. Her regular themes of unrequited love, tedium, mismatched couples, and suburban living as well as her ability to find humour in the minutiae of modern life, stood her in good stead when she moved into writing plays for the stage and later for television. Source:
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Here is a special download for you - my rip/remaster/encode of Victoria Wood's classic 'Lucky Bag' LP, released in 1983 and recorded during her first ever solo tour. Never reissued on CD (for no adequately explained reason), this offers over an hour of absolutely flawless standup, monologue and songs both comic and straight.
Anyone dismissing Ms Wood as cosy, blunt or safe could do worse than to hear this set - absolutely vitriolic in places, and displaying an absolute refusal to suffer fools gladly. Pretty much entirely still relevant today too - the song 'Northerners' for instance could work perfectly as a barbed attack on the recent career of Peter Kay. Source: www.cookdandbombd

01 Opening
02 Put It Out Of Your Mind
03 Playtex Discontinued
04 Thinking Of You
05 Funny How Things
06 Keeping Fit
07 Don't Do It
08 What We Find
09 Fourteen Again
10 Love Song
11 Depressed
12 Dear God
13 Brontes
14 Had It Up To Here
15 School Debate
16 Bastards
17 Music And Movement
18 Northerners

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