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Rodney Rude - I Got More 1985 (Australia)

On: Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rodney Rude
Rodney Malcolm Keft
Jan 29 1943 -
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Rodney Rude's comedy style is by choice, sexual, insulting and explicit. In Rodney's own words, "If you ever see me on TV again, it'll mean I'm on the bones of my arse and need some publicity." Rodney Rude continues to do sold out concert tours, and is the only comedian in the world to have had a number 1 album of pure live, unscripted pub room recorded stand up comedy. He did appear in a number of advertising campaigns including Big Ben meat pies during the 1980s.

Staples of any given show include:

  • Mildly racist humour - Rodney Rude has recently toned down some aspects of his comedy.
  • Heckling by members of the audience. Rude is known for his fiery responses to interjections from the audience. Common replies include "Ah piss/fuck off mate, I fucked your (insert family member e.g. sister/uncle) last night", or "Funny mate, reaaaal funny. Not as funny as your sister looks with nothing on, shut up mate." Many members of audiences consider it an honour to be personally insulted by Rodney.  Source: Wikipedia
01 I Got More
02 I Got Some More
03 I Got A Little More
04 I Got A Bit More
05 I Got A Tiny Bit More
06 I Got A Smidge More
07 That's It

EMI Records Australia – EMX.240660
His other material on this blog is HERE 
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