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Ben Elton - Motormouth 1987 (UK)

On: Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ben Elton
Benjamin Charles Elton
May 03 1959 -
Official Site
Benjamin Charles Elton was already a successful stand-up comedian when he began writing sit-coms. The alternative comedy movement of the 1980s provided the perfect home for his anti-Thatcher material, (Oooh! Little bit of politics there) and he made regular sparkly-suited appearances on the legendary Saturday and Friday Night Live.
His rapid-fire delivery meant he got through twice the material of others, and stopped hecklers in their tracks.
His first sit-com credit was as co-writer of the classic The Young Ones. He then went on to co-write Blackadder II, Blackadder the Third and Blackadder Goes Forth with Richard Curtis. Many say that Elton and Curtis took a rough diamond and fashioned a gem.
His TV show Ben Elton: The Man From Auntie caused as much uproar as it won viewers, though The Ben Elton Show failed to cause quite such a stir.
By 2000 having established himself as a successful novelist, screen writer, and comedian, Ben Elton then turned to film directing with Maybe Baby. Source: BBC

01 Audience Participation
02 Drinkers
03 Real Ale
04 Students Union Bar
05 Ads
06 Real Peopls
07 Gareth and His Chums
08 Tampons
09 Nobs on the Beach
10 Nobs on the Beach, Pt. 2
11 Smootching at the Disco
12 Bouncers
13 Yappy the Dog
14 Fast Food
15 Photo Synthesis (Why Newspapers Are Full of Shit)
16 Tits

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