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Bob & Ray - Classic Bob & Ray Vol 1-4 1991

On: Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Robert Brackett Elliott
Mar 26 1923 - (1923-03-26)

Raymond Walter Goulding
Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Mar 20 1922 – Mar 24 1990 age 68
Bob & Ray, legendary American humorists, are loved by fans and by fellow humorists, comedians and broadcasters. Bob & Ray's 40-year career began at WHDH, Boston. Bob was a disc jockey, and Ray a newscaster. When the Red Sox games were delayed on account of rain, they began to amuse each other to fill the time. Soon they had a daily show of their own, "Matinee with Bob & Ray," an improvised, madcap exercise in controlled chaos. Over their long career, they created more than a hundred characters, all played by Bob or Ray: Ace reporter Wally Ballou, winner of 17 awards for diction; Mary McGoon, whose recipe for frozen ginger ale salad prefigures Martha Stewart; Biff Burns in the sports room; Webley Webster; Barry Campbell, a third rate actor with an ego the size of the universe; Mary Backstayge, Noble Wife whose pals travel the world in search of goofy adventure. Their humor is subtle, dry, intelligent and clean but never treacly. Bob & Ray have a keen ear for language, how it is used and misused by the con artists, hucksters and hustlers who populate radio and television, even today. Their humor is timeless. Bob & Ray's satire of soap operas, game shows, radio shrinks and other self-appointed "experts," and commercials, is as pertinent today as it was in 1946 when they began. They belong in the pantheon of American humor, alongside Mark Twain, George Ade, Will Rogers, S. J. Pearlman, Kurt Vonnegut and Garrison Keillor. In 1951 NBC brought them to New York for a daily 15-minute television program, and network radio shows including, Monitor. Over the next thirty years they appeared on every major network, and on three powerful New York radio stations. They finished their radio career on public radio with the "The Bob & Ray Public Radio Show" (1982-2004), and two sold-out, farewell appearances at Carnegie Hall (1984). All of these performances have been preserved on CDs from  Bob & Ray have won three Peabody Awards and three Grammy nominations, as well as many other prestigious honors. Source: Amazon

DISC 1 (57:41)
Public Service Announcement: I; Grub; the Story of Food; Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (between jobs); Just Fancy Dan, Barber of Hartsdale; King Yukon of the Northwest (captures Pierre the Halfbreed); Mary McGoon's Recipe for Frozen Ginger Ale Salad; Mister Trace, Keener Than Most Persons (Peg Leg Man Murder Clue); Biff Burns (ping-pong champ); Insomniac Theater (Desperate Man); Arthur Sturdley (Tony rides a horse); Wally Ballou and Artie Schermerhorn (Detergent Box Derby); One Fella's Family (Garage Trouble); Aunt Penny's Sunlit Kitchen (story of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hedges); Your Sanitation Department in Action; Sea Search (perforated eardrums); Manufacturer's Outlet Sale; Interview with Frank Liberace; Webley Webster's Book Review; McBeeBee Twins Conduct the Irene Cleming Getchal Orchestra; Interview with Dr. Sherman Y. Maycroft (teaches candidates to speak without a PA system)
DISC 2 (55:06)
Public Service Announcement: II; Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate: I; Bob & Ray's Overstocked Warehouse (Spanish American War); Dean Archer Armstead (garden care); Matt Neffer; Boy Spotwelder (Matt reports to new job); Interview with Butterfly Trainer; Train Robbery; Mister Science (gas refrigeration); Most Exciting Experience (Miss Flannel's); Wally Ballou (visit to a glass fruit factory); Bob & Ray Grand National Spelling Bee: I; Bob & Ray Grand National Spelling Bee: II; Interview with Marshall Slim Slade; One Fella's Family (Going Like Sixty); Equitable P. Harman Technical High; Bob & Ray's Overstocked Warehouse (door chimes); This Place For Heroes; The Question Man; Aunt Penny's Sunlit Kitchen (story of Mr. and Mrs. Spatz); What The Tune Is
DISC 3 (56:31)
Public Service Announcement: III; Mister Treat, Chaser of Lost Persons; Interview with U.S. History Author; Wally Ballou (fire engine factory); Insomniac Theater (Test Drive); Faces In The News; Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate: II; Interview with Floorwalker; Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (mysterious phone calls and letters); Steve Bosco (New Year's wishes); Arthur Sturdley (eating time); Wally Ballou and Artie Schermerhorn (submarine race); Unusual Occupations (fingernail clipper tester); One Fella's Family (fixing the sandbox); Visit to a Four Leaf Clover Farm; Dean Archer Armstead (more questions about fall garden care); Interview with George Brent Impersonator; Webley Webster's Book Review (Tom Swift and His Atomic Fertilizer Spreader)
DISC 4 (56:43)
Public Service Announcement: IV; Lawrence Fechtenberger, Interstellar Officer Candidate: III; Interview Soap Opera Author Chester Hasbrouch Frisby; Wally Ballou (tranqulizer factory); Tahiti Travelog; Cheaper's Discount Store; Epic (Civil War); Matt Neffer, Boy Spotwelder (Matt's First Editions); Mary McGoon's Inn; Matinee With Bob & Ray (WHDH); Two 1949 Programs: The Life and Loves of Linda Lovely; Chesterfield Commercial; News Update with Peter Gory; Coach Spike McSturdley; Visit From Tex Blaisdell; Arthur Sturdley's Talent Scouts; Mystery

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