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Dick Gregory - Write Me In 1968

On: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dick Gregory
Richard Claxton Gregory
Oct 12 1932 -
Official Site

Published in 1968, this is Dick Gregory's platform as a write-in candidate for President. But it's much more than just that. Full of jokes, reflections, and great no-bullshit candor. Gregory seems to know he's a longshot and this allows for a very loose refreshing style on tightlip subjects such as race, violence, diet, etc. Also contains a lot of personal history (including many comments about his close relationship with MLK, written just months after King was assassinated), etc. This is a valuable piece of history to anyone interested in 1960s counterculture, civil rights, US history, etc. It's sad that a book as good as this has been out of print for nearly forty years. This book is also the originator of the "Reagan spelled backwards is Nigger" joke from the second side of SPREE (though the joke is performed by a different comedian on the SPREE record). Source:

Bantam Books
Book (PDF)

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