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Dick Gregory - Live At The Village Gate 1970

On: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dick Gregory
Richard Claxton Gregory
Oct 12 1932 -
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Dick Gregory was never your classic stand up comedian. When he started, he raised issues in a way that was never done before, especially because nobody dared. And later on, his shows were more lectures and preach than comedy. It might sound like a bad idea but given the depth and the power of this CD, I don't think anybody will mind or complain.
This one is among the great ones, close to The Light Side-The Dark Side or DG's Frankenstein, some of the material can be found on the other CDs but there are always differences and it's a bit like Bill Hicks, very soon, you'll need them all. Source: Amazon

Band 1 (13:47)
 Jesus Black?
 Home Town
 Teamsters: Raise
 Police Stations
 Stealing A Tombstone
 Black Bus Driver
 Postmen, Silent Majority

Band 2 (7:15)
 Jimmy Hoffa
 Real Estate
 Bible Publishing
 Lester Maddox's Son
 Hot TV Sets

Band 3 (3:40)
 Irish Riots

Band 4 (5:00)
 Dashing Dan

Band 5 (4:43)
 N.Y. Times Reviews

Band 6 (15:05)
 Baby Boy
 And Doctors Get Paid For It
 Backward Nigger
 Waiting Room
 Wrong Baby

Poppy – PYS 40,011 POPPY, Poppy – Z4RS-8829
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