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Al Capp - Al Capp On Campus 1959

On: Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Al Capp
Alfred Gerald Caplin
Sep 28 1909 - Nov 05 1979(1979-11-05) aged 70
Sex (Sex before marriage, 2 o'clock curfew, position on sex education, sex in dating, big bosoms, parking)
Crusades, Politics (Most practical man, Buckley unfit for public, office, Galbraith-Millay)
Al Capp
Student Protest (Attacking the establishment,  SWINE, guest speakers on campus, student dissent, MacNamara incident at Harvard)
Abstract Art, Presidents, People (maddeningly beautiful girls, unwed mothers, Ann Landers, intelligent life on other planets.)

Question and answer period at Fresno State College (Ivy league colleagues, difference between them and Fresno, four letter words, three letter word: "God", guaranteed annual income, Little Orphan Annie, sensitivity training, humanitarianism, Peace Corp volunteers
Secret Pitch

Jubilee JGS-2072

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