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Stu Gilliam - The Wild Wicked Humor Of Stu Gilliam 1967

On: Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Stu Gilliam Stuart Byron Gilliam
aka Stewart B Gilliam
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Jul 27 1943 - Oct 10 2013 age 70 Official Site IMDB

Track 1
01 Khrushchev, Dandruff and Other World Problems or,
     Should Russia Get A Piece Of The Virgin Islands
02 Atomic Scientists In Las Vegas or, The Tale Of
     Two Monkeys
03 The Stupid Husband
04 The Chain Store Lady
05 Trouble In The Men's Room or, It Hurts Only
      When I Flush
06 The Fairy And The Water Truck
07 The Woman Sheriff or, Hoy Heads Keep Out

Track 2
08 The Blanket, The Blonde And A Spreading Chestnut Tree
09 The Inmates or, Nuts At The Ball Game
10 Integration, Or A New Point Of View
11 The Boy Who Painted Himself White
12 Trouble In Africa
13 Adventures In Africa or, From Pygmy To Ubangi In
     One Easy Lesson
14 Secret Of The Black Sheep   


4 Secret Of The Black Sheep   

FAX LP-3007
His other material on this blog is tagged at the bottom of this post
The Black Astronut


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