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Myron Cohen - America's Funniest Storyteller At His Best 1960

On: Sunday, September 11, 2016

Myron Cohen
Myron Aaron Cohen
Grodno, Poland, Russian Empire (now Hrodna, Belarus)
Jul 01 1902 - Mar 10 1986 age 83
Official Site

01 Boiled Beef
02 Scissors Story
03 Partners
04 Shortages
05 Idle Conversation
06 Swimming Pool Story


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Thanks shifferbrains!
His other material on this blog is tagged at the bottom of this post
On Location With Myron Cohen Revisited (Video) 1978
Soup And Fish b/w Mr And Mrs (45) 1954


1 comments on "Myron Cohen - America's Funniest Storyteller At His Best 1960"

Media Funhouse said...

Solid material, but Myron is working his way towards his eventual style -- which Mel Brooks said was half "Sir Anthony Eden" and half Yiddish tailor. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

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