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Dave Starr - Nearer The Bone The Sweeter The Meat 1962

On: Monday, September 26, 2016

Dave Starr
Birth Name
aka Davey Starr
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
? - Apr 18 1970 age ?
Official Site

Completely forgotten today, at one time Dave Starr was half of a comedy duo with Joe E. Ross, of"The Phil Silvers Show" and"Car 54 Where Are You?"fame. He was widely considered to be one of the dirtiest comedians of the time, as was Joe E Ross, both in choice of material and personal habits.Starr was every bit as vulgar as his partner, Ross. 
Starr "had the reputation of being one of the dirtiest comedians in the business," said Hank Garrett, Ross's partner in Car 54. Together "they'd vie to see who could be dirtier". Starr & Ross received plenty of work touring the burlesque circuit, a world of titillation where their profane-laced comedy would be, if not appreciated, at least accepted. 
In 1959 Dave Starr went to England and did a stint in a Panto version of Mother Goose. Surprise Records released his "Adults Only" comedy LP in 1960. Starr's gruff sounding street jokes are well-received by a raucous audience of obnoxious men. 
Starr was performing in an off-Broadway production of Fade Out – Fade In as late as 1964 and died, forgotten, in April of 1970. ~wikipedia

1 The Early Show

2 The Late Show

Surprise Records Corp SUR-98
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