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Sandy Baron & James R McGraw - God Save The Queens 1972

On: Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sandy Baron
Sanford Beresofsky
May 05 1937 - Jan 21 2001 aged 63
Official Site

James R McGraw
James Robert McGraw
aka Reverend Jim McGraw
Dec 03 1935 - May 28 2012 age 76
Official Site

In 1973, when Baron was starring as Cliff Gorman's replacement in "Lenny", he issued an album of gay humor. Not gay himself. Baron was trying to be a crusading social comic a Ia Lenny, and deserves some credit for trying something new, even if the album title and the cover's pastel hues implied that all homosexuals were drag queens.
Dick Gregory, Bette Midler, and Alan King supplied album notes. They should've helped out with the sketches; they aren't very funny. There's literally no punch line to the story of the parents who come to their son's home and wonder about his love life.
The album ends with a pretentious "Fairy Tale" about a gay prince who is miserable in his kingdom until he discovers magic: "They call the magic 'pride.' All you have to do is open the closet door.' Baron's heart was in the right place, and the actors who play gays avoid stereotyped lisping, but the comedy is no place to be found. ~anonymous

Sandy as "Klompus" on Seinfeld
Sandy Baron
Reverend James R McGraw
Act 1
01 It Happened One Night 3:25
02 Do You Take This Man 1:51
03 That Was Your Life 5:40
04 Awe In The Family 5:38
05 Clockwork Pink 7:28

Act 2
06 The Plot 4:24
07 Buy Gay 2:32
08 The Politician 4:52
09 The Counselor And The Hustler 2:37
10 Finale: A Fairy Tale, The Queen That Came Out Of The Closet 6:12

A&M SP-4355
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