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Stu Gilliam - Stu Gilliam At Basin Street West 1964

On: Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Stu Gilliam Stuart Byron Gilliam
aka Stewart B Gilliam
Detroit, Michigan, USA
Jul 27 1943 - Oct 10 2013 age 70 Official Site IMDB

01 The Shotgun Wedding
02 Birth Control
03 From Fruit To Nuts
04 Living In Sun
05 Barbeque Charlie At The Pearly Gates
06 The 22-Year Old Virgin
07 Some Unnatural Wonders Of Science
08 The Polite Policeman
09 The Burglar & The Old Maids
10 The Woman On The Moon
11 Colored Astronauts
12 Ring Around The Bath Tub
13 For The man Who Has Had Everything
14 The Blind Man
15 Hard Times
16 The Greatest Lover

FAX LP-3006
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The Black Astronut


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