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Don Bexley & Dave Turner - Laff Of The Party Volume 8 1957

On: Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Don Bexley
Donald Thomas Bexley
Mar 10 1916 - Apr 15 1997 age 81  
Official Site

Dave Turner
Birth Name
Chicago, Illinois USA
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Don Bexley: Bexley was born on March 10, 1910 in either Jamestown, Virginia or DetroitMichigan. His father was a Bible scholar and teacher and his mother a classical vocalist. "I was born with a flair for the stage, as I had always been a clown - even during early adolescence." ~wikipedia

Dave Turner: Dave grew up in Chicago in the 40's and 50's, and served for a short time in the US Army. He started in show business at the age of 17 as a band signer. He toured for four years with Bill Doggett's band, whose top hit "Honky Tonk" was a number one hit on the "Hit Parade". After that he joined Don Bexley (Bubba on "Sanford and Son). They worked as the comedy team "Bexley and Turner" nationwide. After leaving Bexley he was on tour with many Motown acts. Dave spent three years as a house comedian and MC at Town Hill Club in Brooklyn. He spent four years with Dinah Washington and toured world wide with her show. He next toured with Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin and many more top stars as their opening act, and was house MC and comic for three years at "Leo's Supper Club" in Cleveland Ohio. Dave was the first comic to be booked in the "Birdland Jazz Club" and recorded an album there on Roulette Records. Birdland was always a strictly jazz club but he proved a stand up comic could also go over there and played "The Apollo Theater" many times. He also worked in many military clubs all over the world, moved to Los Angles in 1970 and began his film and television career. His two youngest sons followed in his footsteps and began their film careers as kids, who are still in the film business some forty years later. Dave spent three years as "Redd Foxx's Production Company" (Sanford and Son) manager and for over forty five years his close friend. ~Amazon

01 The Heckler, Mary's Ram, The Horse Lover
02 The Harelip, On Western Avenue, Eczema, The Atomic Blonde, Queer Termite
03 Big Tips, The Nude And The Lion, The Mistake, The English Girl

04 The Tit Mouse, Old Maid And The Tramp, The Secretary, The Girl And Lassie
05 The Golf Game
06 Nudist Camp, Old Log Inn, Sports Car, The Drunk, Riding The Bus, My Wife 

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