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Group Therapists - Sick Along With Us 1961

On: Friday, September 9, 2016

Sandy Baron
Sanford Beresofsky
May 05 1937 - Jan 21 2001 aged 63
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I was perhaps 7 years old when i got the album originally, thinking it was a spoof album from Sick Magazine ( I was 7 and details are overlooked at that age), in the manner of Mad Magazine's 'Mad Twists Rock 'n' Roll'. It isn't, and in places is much darker, but still funny, But be warned, it is very, very dated, so you will need to be old enough to get the references.
Among the cast is the late Sandy Baron; a very well known comedian and writer.
If I had to pick a favorite track it would be a toss up between Tailor Made and Gunshy.
If you have never heard the album before, at the end of each track is a very short vignette anywhere from 5 seconds to perhaps 30 seconds in length.
The goal is to be Sick, if not laugh out loud funny, and given the puns moaning is likely. :) ~excerpt Amazon customer review

01 Gunshy 6:38
02 Sick Sound Waves 3:30
03 From Channel To Channel 3:38
04 Tailor Made 2:41
05 So You Want To Be A Comic 3:17
06 You'd Better Believe It 2:51
07 The United Nations 3:23
08 From Commercial To Commercial 2:33
09 Phonalysis 4:42

10 The Sick Commandments 2:57


Strand SL-1009
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