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Vaughn Meader - Take That! You No Good 1966

On: Friday, May 16, 2014

Vaughn Meader
Abbott Vaughn Meader
Mar 20 1936 – Oct 29 2004 age 68

Featuring Donna Jean Young, Stan Burns, Jan Leighton, Madge Camerson. Sound Effects by Bob and Peter Prescott. 
01 TV Or Not TV
02 From Out Of The Past
03 Bats, Bothered & Bewildered
04 Sea-Shells-She Sells
05 Really Big Show
06 Cops & Robins
07 Knock-Knock
08 Q-Company

09 Thundering Hoofbeats
10 What Evil Lurks
11 Holy Humor
12 Should Auld Acquaintance
13 To A Lover It's Kent
14 Where Are They Now?

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The Masked Mayhem said...

Loved this record as a teen-ager. Got a mono copy on remainder when Thrifty Drugs switched over to carrying only stereo LPs.

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