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Al Clouston - Proper Ting 1977 (Canada)

On: Friday, May 2, 2014

Al CloustonAlwyn Vey CloustonSt. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
1910 – Oct 27 2004 ~ age 94Official Site Wikipedia

Side 1 Track 1  4:30
1a   Intro
1b   Trip To Halifax
1c   Ugliness
Side 1 Track 2  7:31
2a   $3.50 And $3.50
2b   Santa Claus
2c   Lumber In Attic
2d   Ice Fishing
2e   The Cow
2f   The Mainlander
2g   Salt Water
Side 1 Track 3  1:45
3a   The Weddin'
3b   Short Long Rubbers
3c   Sunday School
Side 1 Track 4  4:00

4a   The Pills
4b   13 Pigs
4c   Deaf Oldtimer
Side 2 Track 1  5:13
1a   The Two Thieves
1b   Salvation Army
1c   Peter's Wife's Mother
Side 2 Track 2  4:21
2a   2 1/2 lb. Baby
2b   Fish And Brews
2c   His Captain's Ticket
Side 2 Track 3  3:18
3a   The Boarding House
3b   The Screw Driver
3c   The Magistrate's Measurement
Side 2 Track 4  4:41
4a   The Concerned Wife
4b   The Ego Of A Corpse
4c   Married On The Bullet

RCA Victor ‎KLX1-0323
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