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Steve Karmen - This Is A City 1963

On: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Steve Karmen
Birth Name
the Bronx, New York, USA
Jan 31 1937 -
Official Site

Steve was unique among jingle writers. Unlike other composers, who were paid a flat price for their jingles, Steve was the only one of his peers to receive royalties every time one of his jingles was performed on TV or Radio. His informal industry title "The King of Jingles" may have been given to him because of this extraordinary business ability to retain publishing rights.
He was born into a conservative family. His father was from Russia. Karmen grew up with Bobby Darin, and played with him in a band in the 1950s. They met while they were at the Bronx High School of Science. He played saxophone and guitar.
01 Give Me That Old Unemployment
02 On The Isle Of Coney
03 Green Stamps
04 The Ballad Of Dr. Zorba
05 Credit Card (You Always Pay Later)
06 Office Party
07 Sam McDonald
08 Slenderfella
09 Home With A Range
10 The Subways Go Rolling Along
11 The Twelve Days Of Vacation

Parody, Novelty Songs
Jubilee 2048
Thanks Dave A!
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