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Slappy White - Party Gags Vol 2 1960

On: Saturday, May 31, 2014

Slappy White
Melvin White
Sep 20 1921 - Nov 07 1995 age 74
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To thousand of ''night clubbers"' across the nation Melvin “Slappy” White need no introduction, but for the sake or those unfortunate few who have never had the pleasure of laughing themselves hoarse from his special brand of comedy we offer these highlights on Slappy’s career.
Melvin Edward White, known as Slappy from Coast to Coast, was born in Baltimore Maryland, September 27, 1921. He began his career as a dancer and did not take to comedy until 1940 when he joined with a fellow hoofer and labeled his act the "Two Zephyrs". The '"Two Zephyrs" made the circuit together for over four years appearing with such notables as Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and many others. With this team Slappy was first introduced to Californian, making his West Coast debut in Los Angeles at the Orpheum theatre along with Louie Armstrong.
After "'The Zephyrs" came "Lewis and White" his second successful comedy team. "Lewis and White" traveled together for several years and appeared with such greats as Johnny Otis, The Ink Spots, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton.
The team with which most of his fans are familiar is "Redd Foxx Slappy White". "Foxx and White" toured from Coast to Coast with the Billy Eckstine Orchestra for over four years.
Slappy's career as a single started 1n 1951 when Dinah Washington requested him to introduce her act at the "Black Hawk" in San Francisco. Slappy was such a hit with the patrons, Dinah asked him to "get the folks in the mood" and he lengthened the introduction to 15 minutes, putting in some of his best jokes here and there. Dinah noticing the reaction of the listeners, and the abilities of Slappy as a single and assisted him in starting his single career.
Space isn't available to list all the places this Captain of the Comedians has appeared. Some of the more familiar ones are: Zardi's in Hollywood; the Sans Souci, Miami Beach; the world­famed Apollo Theatre, New York City; the Howard Theatre, Washington, D.C.; the Patio club, Las Vegas; the Club Oasis and Pigalle in Los Angeles, and The Barrelhouse in Watts.
We must warn you at this point that people with weak hearts, weak stomach muscles, and above all weak kidneys should approach this album with caution.
And now, enough of this jive. Let's sit back, relax, and enjoy what Slappy has prepared for "Party Gags".

01 No Balls
02 Paris
03 Will Bill
04 Out Of Gas
05 Two Old Malds

01  I'm Busy

02 Amateur Night
03 The Squirrel
04 The Insane Asylum
05 The Old Log Inn

Eldo Records LP-1002
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