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Bill Dana - On Creating Jose Jimenez (Video)

On: Friday, May 9, 2014

Bill Dana William Szathmary
aka Jose Jimenez
Quincy, Massachusetts USA
Oct 05 1924 - Official Site
His Blog

01 Bill Dana on creating "Jose Jimenez" character (video) 4:38

* * *
Best Of Jose Jimenez 1985
Hoo Ha! Direct From Noshville 1971
Shtick From Bill Dana's Hoo Ha! 1971
New Alice In Wonderland 1966
Cry b/w Jose's Dream (45) 1965
King Of The Surf (Part II) (45)
What Kind Of Fool Am I (45)
All I Need Is You b/w Make Nice (45) 1965
Jose Jimenezchevitz b/w Childhood Scenes (45) 1966
US Senator b/w Bob Sled Racer (45) 1960


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