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Stephen Lynch - A Little Bit Special 2000

On: Friday, August 13, 2010

01 Lullaby (The Divorce Song)
02 Half A Man
03 Bitch
04 Intro (Gortengar Trail)
05 Special
06 A Month Dead
07 Priest
08 Hair
09 Intro (Super Karate Monkey Death Car)
10 Gerbil
11 Walken I
12 R.D.C (Opie's Lament)
13 Mother's Day Song
14 Intro (Curly McDimple)
15 HermAphrodite
16 Tall Glass O' Water
17 Walken II
18 In Defense Of A Peepshow Girl
19 Jim Henson's Dead
20 Intro (A Tribute to Multigrain Bun)
21 Gay
22 Walken III


1 comments on "Stephen Lynch - A Little Bit Special 2000"

Media Funhouse said...

Thanks for introducing me to Lynch, for some reason I had completely overlooked him. The new-model novelty tune...

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