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Jonathan Winters - Whistle Stopping 1964

On: Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jonathan Winters
Jonathan Harshman Winters III
Nov 11 1925 - Apr 11 2013 age 87

01 The Extreme Liberal (Meet Lance Lovegard
02 The American Farmer (Meet Elwood P. Suggins)
03 The American Housewife (Meet Sally Sweetwater)
04 The American Teenager (Meet Melvin Gohard)

05 The American Labor Leader (Meet Billy Bigbody)
06 Old Age Speaks Out (Meet Granny Maude Frickert)
07 The American Indian (Meet Chief Crying Trout)
08 Grand Old Man (Meet Price Boothcourt)
09 Presidential Nominee (Meet Daniel Douglas Diddle)

Whistle Stopping

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