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John Shaftman - Introducing A Bad Mutha 1971

On: Saturday, August 28, 2010

01 Shaftman Gets A Phone Call From Tightwad Charlie
02 Hound Dog Clowns Superfox
03 Shaftman Call Big Mama-Do
04 Harvey Scales & 7 Sounds Broadway Freeze
05 Shaftman Visits Big Mama-Do
06 Rutabaga String's Gonna Get You
07 Tightwad Gets The Bill... & Then Some
08 Kicking Mustangs Kicking Ass
09 Shaftman Sets Shit Up
10 Gruntin' Groover Groovy Gruntin'
11 Shaftman Visits His Favourite Meat
12 Bad Bascomb Funk City
13 Shaftman Heads Over To Tightwad
14 Pazant Bros Toe Jam
15 Shaftman Benny And Creased Lightning
16 Gungadin Crabcakes
17 Shaftman Hooks Up With Jewels
18 Soul Brothers Drive
19 Shaftman Lays Pipe Supreme
20 Tommy Taylor Whoop It On Me
21 Shaftman Pulls A Mighty Bold
22 Tony Avalon & The Belairs -Sexy Coffee Pot
23 Benny Busts His Nuts
24 Johnny Jones Purple Haze
25 Shaftman Sells Jewels Some Revealing Pics
26 Acres Of Grass Do The Football
27 Shaftman Gets Some Green
28 Timmy Wilson I'm A Man
29 Shaftman Lays Some Pipe On Cissy
30 Don Julian Shorty The Pimp
31 Shaftman Lays Down His Philosophy On Life
32 Willy Tomlin Check Me Baby

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