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Billy Connolly - Raw Meat For The Balcony 1977 (UK)

On: Thursday, August 5, 2010

01 Isn't It A Shame (song)
02 Pain In My Ass (song)
03 The Walker - The Parachutist
04 As Usual (parody)
05 Have You Ever Thought About Being A Pervert?
06 Football Violence

07 John Stonehouse Went Swimming (song)
08 Gandhi's Revenge
09 Two Little Boys In Blue (parody)
10 The Death Of Robin Hood
11 The Scottish Fighting Man
12 Closin' Time (Cryin' Time) (parody)
13 The Welly Boot Song (song)

1 comments on "Billy Connolly - Raw Meat For The Balcony 1977 (UK)"

Media Funhouse said...

I'm always unsure about what period of Connolly's work to hear first, but this LP seems like a good enough intro, since he's still doing stuff with the guitar (nice nasty song about the cops!) as well as randy stories that are improved by his friendly burr.

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