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Faye Richmonde - For Men Only 1957

On: Monday, August 16, 2010

01 You Ought To See Her Box
02 Mama's Well Has Done Gone Dry
03 Where Can I Find A Cherry For My Banana Split?
04 If You Can't Control Your Man
05 Slow Up Papa
06 It Was Hard When I Kissed Him Goodbye

07 Meat Man Pete
08 I Ain't Your Hen, Mister Fly Rooster
09 My Daddy Don't Do Nothin' Bad
10 I'm A Stationary Woman Lookin' For A Permanent Man
11 What's Your Price?
12 Gotta Have A Man Of My Own

6 comments on "Faye Richmonde - For Men Only 1957"

Chocolate Milktooth said...

This post has been removed by the author.

Laszlo said...

Thank You Jim, I'm grabbing this one now. Looks to be a real treat!

Laszlo said...

- And it is! A beautiful release. REALLY Enjoy this. Again, thank you Jim.

Adam said...

Just curious about the crediting of this album. It clearly states the artist is "Faye Richmonde", where you have it posted as "Faye Richardson". Wha hoppen?

JimG said...

Just careless with my typing. Thanks for cathching my mistake

Media Funhouse said...

She ain't Kay Martin or "Cupcake" Teri, but there's some good "naughty" material on here. Thanks!

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