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Unkie Dunkie The Baloney Slicer - Mortimer 1960s

On: Saturday, March 8, 2014

Unkie Dunkie
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Unkie Dunkie, a Jersey City, New Jersey butcher decided he wanted to share with the world his gift for comedy. Opening with a sound effect of stadium applause that could greet Bruce Springsteen, Dunkie drones a rambling skit in which he portrays himself and his ne’er-do-well nephew named Mortimer, who seems to never take the garbage out no matter how many times Dunkie reminds him. Along with an array of sound effects (including gongs, car wrecks and pops), Dunkie keeps a looped laugh track going continuously, disregarding the skit content. What really draws you in, however, is Dunkie’s monotone, half-shouting staccato delivery, sounding like a cross between Ralph Kramden and a mafia boss. ~Damn That Ojeda!

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4 comments on "Unkie Dunkie The Baloney Slicer - Mortimer 1960s"

Media Funhouse said...

I know, I know, the WFMU bloggers *swear* this guy is for real and was a real N.J. butcher who thought he was funny. The record sounds completely like a put-on to me, though. Let's accept that he was a real butcher, all right (I'm not wholly convinced he didn't know this stuff sucked, though)-- I still think the producer/engineers/tech folk knew he was effin' awful, and accentuated that with the INSANE, nonstop sound effects. I have the sneaking suspicion they even encouraged him to go for that slow, nearly illiterate style of read-ing-his-mater-i-al-phon-et-ic-ally-like-this.

That said, wow, this was painful!


iambic scribe said...

Lol he was my father. This is actually how he spoke. Not the funniest man but he was real

Anonymous said...

US Patent Office says he's real:

JimG said...

Actually, a woman contacted me saying this was her father. I asked for a bio but she declined. I will post his name ...

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