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Smothers Brothers - Curb Your Tongue Knave 1963

On: Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tom Smothers
Thomas Bolyn Smothers III
 New York City, New York USA
Feb 02 1937 -
Tom: Wikipedia
Brothers: Wikipedia

Dick Smothers
Richard Remick Smothers
New York City, New York USA
Nov 20 1939 -
Dick: Wikipedia
Brothers: Wikipedia

01 Church Bells
02 American History-1A
03 Lonesome Traveler
04 Gnus
05 The Incredible Jazz Banjoist
06 I Talk to the Trees
07 Flamenco
08 Swiss Christmas


Stand-up and Music
Mercury SR-60682

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4 comments on "Smothers Brothers - Curb Your Tongue Knave 1963"

Anonymous said...

Great album. I love the Smothers Brothers, have seen them live, seen some video of the TV footage. Thanks for the post. Do you have Think Ethnic for post? Another great album.



JimG said...

I have one or two more, just need to get the tracks split out and named. But I don't have Think Ethnic. I'll watch for it.

doug said...

Thank you for the Smothers Brothers posts. I had these LPs when they were new, but lost most of my collection years ago. I great to here them again.

doug said...

Do you have any more of the Smothers Brothers you can post? Also, anymore Bob and Ray?

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