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Tony Savonne - Hollywood Party! For Adults ~1973

On: Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tony Savonne
Birth Name
aka Tony Savone
Official Site

01 Living in Hollywood 2:59
02 Sarah Sits in a Shoe-Shine Shop 3:32
03 John Smith 2:08
04 The Oriental Piece 4:53
05 Elephant in the Garden 4:33
06 Before I See My Chinese Friend 4:24
07 Two Eggs 3:21
08 Driving Down the Sunset Strip 3:50
09 Know the Difference 3:23
10 The Cat Story 4:02


Silver Streak MSS-0019
His Other Albums on this blog are HERE
Hollywood Up Tight 1973
Hollywood Up Tight 1973


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James Miller said...

I have the orange, green, version of this one. It's mint if you're interested.

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