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David Brenner - Leave 'Em Laughing 2009

On: Sunday, March 16, 2014

David Brenner
David Brenner
Philadelphia,  Pennsylvania USA
Feb 04 1936 - Mar 15 2014 age 78

Brenner developed the Leave ‘em Laughing tour on the notion that laughter is recession-proof and one of the strongest forces to fight it. The new show is a mural of Brenner’s life, a journey from the poverty-stricken slums of his childhood in Philadelphia to the pinnacle of success. Brenner paints his life story with a “best of the best” of his comedy ­ jokes and routines that have brought sidesplitting laughter to audiences around the country over the past four decades.
In a celebrity career that includes 158 guest appearances on The Tonight Show ­ the most by one person in the history of the show --Brenner has continued to be the most frequent talk show guest of any entertainer. Known for basing his routine on current events, Brenner is recognized as a political pundit, with regular appearances on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News. Source: VegasNews.

01 My Birth
02 A Confusing Mother
03 Getting Even
04 The Funniest Man
05 Tough Guys
06 School
07 Practical Jokes
08 Drafted
09 Skiing & Viagra
10 Bears & Hunting
11 Condoms Then & Now
12 My Three Sons
13 New York
14 Observational Comedy
15 My Only Real Joke
16 Hitting The Road
17 Day After First Carson
18 Fans' Favorite Joke
19 Vegas
20 My Favorite Tonight Show
21 LA
22 Talk About Stupid
23 Only Johnny's Star
24 The Virgin Mary Sandwich
25 Being Jewish
26 The Bravest Man
27 Cell Phones, Enemas & Smoking
28 Fat, Fatter, Fattest
29 God's Bald Army

30 Botox & Zoloft
31 Getting Older
32 Leave 'Em Laughing

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