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Pigmeat Markham - Here Come The Judge 1968

On: Friday, March 14, 2014

Pigmeat Markham
Dewey Markham
aka David Pigmeat Markham
Durham, North Carolina, USA
Apr 18 1904 – Dec 13 1981 age 77
Official Website
Arguably known as one of the very first Rhythm And Poetry* pieces made in history (1968), 'Here Comes The Judge' brought powerful beats, bass and vocals to the Soul-Funk dance floors. Its Spoken Rhymes aesthetic would influence and conquer the World more than a decade after on the Brooklyn & Bronx neighborhoods. A wonderful landmark for a genre to come. Feel the Beats, Feel The Bass, Feel the Voice! ~Discogs
* I don't agree with that date or that RAP stands for rhythm and poetry... JimG
01 Here Comes The Judge 2:40
02 I Got The Number 1:50
03 The News Reporter 3:30
04 Here Come The Judge 2:52
05 Fast News 1:10
06 Frisco Kate 3:35
07 My Wife, I Ain't Seen Her 9:25
08 My Trial 12:55


Chess ‎ LPS-1523
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Anything Goes With Pigmeat 1962
Jive Talk 1991
Live At The Apollo 1994
See See Rider / You've Been A Good Old Wagon (78) 1950s
The Trial 1961
Would The Real Pigmeat Markham Please Sit Down 1973
Let's Have Some Heat (45)
My Wife No, I Ain't Seen Her 1 & 2 (45)
Pig's Popcorn (45) 1969
The Hip Judge (45) 1968


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