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Nipsey Russell - Sing Along With Nipsey Russell 1960s

On: Monday, March 31, 2014

Nipsey Russell
Julius Russell
aka the Poet Laureate Of Television, 
Harlem's Son Of Fun,
The Poet Laureate Of Comedy
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Sep 15 1918 – Oct 02 2005 age 87
Official Site

"The opposite of pro is con,
That fact is clearly seen,
If progress means move forward

Then what does Congress mean?"
-Nipsey Russell

01 Good Evening & Welcome
02 Singing & a Swinging
03 I Want a Girl
04 The Tournament & the Tennis Club
05 Story of the Two Camels
06 Traveling Salesmen
07 A Bird in the Hand

Bob Keeshan's "Captain Kangaroo" and
Nipsey as "Mr Prince of the Royal Employment Agency"

Humorsonic NR-706
His other albums on this blog are "tagged" at the bottom of this post
Funny Side Of Nipsey 1960s


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