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Smothers Brothers - Aesop's Fables, The Smothers Brothers Way 1965

On: Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tom Smothers
Thomas Bolyn Smothers III
 New York City, New York USA
Feb 02 1937 -
Tom: Wikipedia
Brothers: Wikipedia

Dick Smothers
Richard Remick Smothers
New York City, New York USA
Nov 20 1939 -
Dick: Wikipedia
Brothers: Wikipedia

01 Overture, Aesop's Fables Our Way
02 The Greedy Dog
03 A Fox (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)
04 The Boy Who Cried Wolf
05 A Fly (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me
06 The Dog And The Thief
07 A_Worm_(Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)
08 The Farmer And His Sons
09 The Fox And The Grapes
10 A Jellyfish (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)
11 The Bird And The Jar
12 A Mosquito (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)
13 The Two Frogs
14 A Car (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)

15 Aesop Knew (Reprise)

Stand-up and Music
Mercury SR-60989

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