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Two Ronnies - Two Ronnies Vol 3 (UK)

On: Friday, August 12, 2011

Ronnie Barker
Ronald William George Barker
Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
Sep 25 1929 - Oct 05 2005
Official Site: n/a

Ronnie Corbett
Ronald Balfour Corbett
Edinburgh, Scotland
Dec 04 1930

Official Site: n/a
Wikipedia: Corbett
Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett met for the first time at the Buckstone Club in The Haymarket, London, where Ronnie Corbett was serving drinks between acting jobs. They were invited by David Frost to appear in his new show, The Frost Report, with John Cleese, but the pair's big break came when they filled-in for a few minutes during a technical hitch at an awards ceremony in 1970. In the audience was Bill Cotton, the Head of Light Entertainment for the BBC, and Sir Paul Fox, the Controller of BBC One. Cotton was so impressed by the duo that he turned to Fox and asked "How would you like those two on your network?". As a result, Barker and Corbett were given their own show by the BBC. The programme quickly became one of the most successful and long running light entertainment shows on British television, broadcast at the prime-time slot of 8pm on a Saturday night, and 20 million viewers a show at its peak. Source: wikipedia

01 Opening News
02 How's Your Father?
03 Ice Cream Pariour
04 Dr. Spooner In The Bookshop
05 Teach Yourself P.C.
06 The Ronnie Corbertt Solo
07 Limerick Writers
08 The Late News

09 The News
10 Mark My Word
11 The Restaurant
12 Trouble And Strife
13 More Worms
14 Put Your Back Into It
15 The Closing News

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