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Stevens & Grdnic - Somewhere Over The Radio 1979

On: Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ron Stevens
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Joy Grdnic
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Stevens & Grdnic (Ron Stevens and Joy Grdnic, the latter's surname pronounced "GRID-nick") are American comedians having worked as market radio morning hosts, and written for network TV comedies. They released two Grammy-nominated comedy albums, Somewhere over the Radio and Retail Comedy at Wholesale Prices, the latter album featured a sketch, "Fast Food", about a frustrating encounter at a fast-food drive-thru; first broadcast on radio on 4 July 1982, but written and performed earlier.
Stevens & Grdnic's work is syndicated on more than 450 radio stations by All Star Radio Networks, and some of their recordings have been featured on Dr. Demento's radio show.
Their recording "Commercials on 45", inspired by Stars on 45 medleys, consisted of parodies of commercials set to music. Source: Wikipedia
* * *
Really funny – albeit somewhat dated – comedy record built around the concept of late-Seventies FM radio. Some of it’s really good and I remember hearing bits of this on my local burnout classic Rock station back in the day.
The production values are great and the humor stays within the lowbrow to highbrow range, with oodles of dope references and lots of slams to the crass commercialization of radio. It reminds me somewhat of The National Lampoon Radio Hour – especially the post-Michael O’Donoghue period.
Some funny bits are one about a giant rock festival with $85 dollar tickets (which is chicken-feed nowadays), a running gag about a punk rock band called Garbage and a rock opera about a duck named Herman.
Ron Stevens and Joy Grdnic were a comedy team who also worked in radio. Apparently, they are still working together in the syndicated radio market. Joy is still drop-dead gorgeous, too.  Source: Ugly Radio

01 Tuning In
02 Bogus Concerts
03 Ron Pentecost
04 Rock & Roll Toy
05 No Parking
06 Today's Weather
07 Speed Reading
08 Steve McNab
09 Bend Over Beethoven
10 Jesse Jeff Westchester
11 Dermadrug
12 Hiwater Pants
13 Do It

14 Unisex Stereo
15 Miss Information
16 Joe Brackne
17 Fun & Fresh
18 Marijuana Helper
19 Herman
20 Massage Parlor
21 Rocko Products
22 We're Really Gonna Make It This Time
23 Disco Record Offer
24 Tuning Out

Radio skits
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