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Richard Belzer - Another Lone Nut 1997

On: Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Richard Belzer
Richard Jay Belzer
Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA
Aug 04 1944
Official Site

While best known as Detective Munch on NBC-TV's Homicide, Richard Belzer originally honed his craft as an inventive stand-up comic. This 1997 self produced album starts off with a montage of various sound bites and sound effects then quickly settles down into a night of typical Belz standup. The subjects cover everything from Jack Benny, Broadway musicals, Elvis Presley, Bill Clinton, late night preachers, Richard Nixon, UFOs, and Hulk Hogan, all dealt with in the most scatological terms. If you like your comedy with a large dollop of poison pen in the mix, this one's for you. Source: by Cub Koda

01 Information Super Highway
02 I'm The Belz!
03 Broadway
04 UFOs
05 Ronald Reagan In Outer Space
06 Heaven's Gate
07 Belzonics
08 Elvis And The Belz
09 Clinton's Dick
10 The Lost Benny Tapes
11 Grandpa Belzer
12 A Cute Story, A French Singer
13 The Ballad Of Bob Dylan
14 Hulk Hogan
15 Late Night Preachers
16 Jazz For Jesus
17 Paul Shaffer's Yiddish Surprise
18 Richard Nixon & The Godfather
19 The Mob President
20 Belz Meets The Press
21 The Belz Diet & Other Conspiracy Books
22 Gerald Ford
23 JFK, The Musical
24 Everything's A Conspiracy



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