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Sam Kinison - Sam Spoken Here 1987

On: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sam Kinison
Samuel Burl Kinison
 Yakima, Washington USA
Dec 08 1953 – Apr 10 1992 age 39

Bootleg - The Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois

01 Intro
02 Drinking And Driving, Rubber Love
03 The Jim Bakker Story
04 Jim Bakker Story Continued, Robo Pope
05 Evangelists
06 Jesus The Miracle Caterer, Preachers And Money
07 Marriage
08 Lesbian Girlfriend, The Heckler
09 Pocket Toys, Penile Intimidation, Dr Ruth
10 Dr Ruth Continued, Lepers
11 Necrophiliacs, The Homeless, World Hunger
12 Liberace, The Breakup Song

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