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Back To Work

On: Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hi everybody!  I'm working on the next round of posts now and would like to thank everyone who sent words of encouragement during my down time.

Here I am a month later and weighing 60 pounds less (27.27 kilos, 4.29 stone) and I almost back to feeling normal.   Early in July I had a gastric bypass, normally an overnight procedure which turned into three weeks in the hospital with a damaged pancreas and collapsed lung. I'm trying to find the humor in getting a chest tube inserted while fully awake (which was not as bad as it sounds.)  I'd like to tell funny stories about self-medicating with a morphine pump and two weeks of oxycodone, but honestly can't remember those two weeks at all. I do remember that after I stopped the oxycodone I was shocked that my fingernails had grown so much and 16 days had gone by "overnight" (tip: avoid that shit.)  I frequently saw a small creature in misty, flowing red robes drifting around the house, which was actually quite scary. 
Anyway...  I have plenty of material waiting to be posted so check back over the next week or two.

2 comments on "Back To Work"

JimG said...

Adam, thanks for that, um, equally disturbing update...
The killer in the flick "Don't Look Now" comes to mind, but this thing was more insubstantial but very real looking. It was always flitting about behind people, dashing past, low to the ground. Creepy.

Rich said...

Holy crap, Jim. You went through hell! So glad you're feeling better now, and really happy to have you back in the saddle, as it were.

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