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Tim Sample - Downeast Standup 1983

On: Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tim Sample
Birth Name: n/a
Fort Fairfield, Maine USA
Jan 30 1951 -

Recorded live at The State Theatre of Maine in Lakewood back in 1983, this is the album which established Tim Sample as Maine’s premier native humorist! Contains classics like Saturday Night at Moody’s Diner, Hubert’s Video Game and Tim’s moving tribute to his friend and mentor “The Junk of Marshall Dodge”.

01 About Maine Humor
02 Generic Products & Them Lipsticks
03 The Teeth
04 Saturday Night At Moody's Diner

05 Go South Young Man
06 Hubert's Video Game
07 Set'er Again
08 Aunt Shaw's Pet Jug
09 Tale Of The Kennebec Mariner
10 The Junk Of Marshall Dodge

Regional Stand-up
Thanks pcthunderfoot & daddio52!

2 comments on "Tim Sample - Downeast Standup 1983"

boundandgags said...

I want you to know you just made my neighbor the happiest guy in the world. For 5-6 years he's been doing this guys bits (badly) figuring, because I write comedy, I'd know who it was. Even though it was bit segments with fits and starts.

Tonight I, well, you, shut him up. I gave him a CD figuring this was my best bet and it was a victory. You have made an odd 60, I mean 60 odd year old guy very happy.

JimG said...

Thanks for the story, that kind of stuff makes my day.
Most messages that I receive are from folks who basically re-live a happy part of their childhood listening once again to vintage comedy that they shared with parents or siblings. Funny thing about that, many comedy routines are stale after the first listen, unless of course they are 40 or more years between listening. Then it's nostalgia.

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