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Marty Feldman - Marty 1968 (UK)

On: Sunday, June 20, 2010

01 Irritation
02 Weighing Machine
03 Ticket Agency
04 Father And Son
05 Police Notice
06 God
07 Woodworm
08 Headmaster
09 Lady Chatterly
10 Weather Forecast
11 Funny He Never Married
12 Eye-O-Fry
13 Travel Agency
14 Parliamentary Report
15 Eat Your Prunes
16 Bishop
17 Ballet
18 Salome

1 comments on "Marty Feldman - Marty 1968 (UK)"

Media Funhouse said...

This is the audio from one of Marty's TV series. Some of the sketches are on YouTube, my fave being him playing "the Bishop of No Fixed Abode." Wonderfully written stuff -- he was more than just a pair of bizarre-looking eyes.

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