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Jonathan Winters - Finally Captured 1988

On: Monday, June 7, 2010

Jonathan Winters
Jonathan Harshman Winters III
Nov 11 1925 - Apr 11 2013 age 87

01 Audiobook Side 1
02 Audiobook Side 2

3 comments on "Jonathan Winters - Finally Captured 1988"

Laszlo said...

I'm grabbing this one, too. Thanks!

Laszlo said...

JIM! This is the wrong file. I downloaded it and got NATIONAL LAMPOON's Rules of the Road!

Media Funhouse said...

More of Jonathan's really way-out answering machine message for his musician friend. This collection is pretty good, though -- it doesn't have the guy's outgoing message played over and over (as one of the collections has), and Jonathan's least moments are filled with more invention than the average comedian's entire body of work.

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