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Gary Owens - Put Your Head On My Finger 1972

On: Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gary Owens
Gary Altman
May 10 1936 -
Official Site

01 Horoscope Part 1
02 Side Two
02 Win That Dwarf
03 Tip to Gardeners
04 The Sky Is My Partner
05 Norbert T. Krelk Funeral
06 Foonman Home for the Perturbed News
07 Glur Awards
08 Miss Oz Sings
09 Golden Voice Announcer's School
10 Church Announcement
11 Nurny Creed
12 Incredible but True

13 Sure Fire Unemployment
14 The Presidents
15 Ballad of Willie Jackson
16 Republican Commercial
17 Democrat Commercial
18 Harold Stassen Commercial
19 Dates to Remember
20 See Your Doctor
21 Lunatics' Book of World Records
22 Teenage Manners
23 Booking Agent
24 Safety Tips
25 School for Double Talk
26 Telephone Help for the Desperate
27 Horoscope Part 2


1 comments on "Gary Owens - Put Your Head On My Finger 1972"

furrball said...

First, welcome back! (Again!!) Second, classic album! Any chance you can find the non-LP single "Foonman Airlines"? Thanks.

Keep 'em coming,

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