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This Day In Comedy: January 24

On: Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Born this day in 1957, Adrian Edmondson (Adrian Charles Edmondson) is 60, Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England 5'10" comic actor, writer, musician, TV presenter and director.
Adrian Edmondson Cameo -1b

John belushi cameo xl
John belushi cameo xx
Born this day in 1949, John Belushi (John Adam Belushi) Wheaton, Illinois, 5'8" comedian Saturday Night Live, comic actor. He died 03/05/1982 from a heroin/cocaine overdose at age 33. His last words “Just don't leave me alone.”
Born this day in 1959, Vic Reeves (James Roderick Moir) is 58, Leeds, England 5'11" Comedian n English comedian, best known for his double act with Bob Mortimer (see “Vic and Bob”).

vic reeves cameo e3

Vic Reeves cameo

Yakov Smirnoff cameo

Born this day in 1951, Yakov Smirnoff (Yakov Naumovich Pokhis is 66, Odessa, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union comedian known for saying “What A Country” about the USA.
Died this day in 2011, David Frye (David Shapiro) Brooklyn, New York impressionist,  comedian, specializing in comic imitations of famous political figures. Born 11/21/1933, he died from cardiac arrest at age 77.

David Frye cameo 2

David Frye cameo 3
larry fine beautiful man cameo

Larry Fine Portrait cameo

Died this day in 1975, Larry Fine (Louis Feinberg) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 5'4" comedian famous in trio “Three Stooges”. Born 10/05/1902, he died from a stroke at age 72.
*Note - I met Larry and his wife on the Atlantic City Boardwalk when I was a boy. Shook his hand!
Larry Fine 1941
Larry Fine cameo Phone
Larry finescan ii cameo

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