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This Day In Comedy: January 13

On: Friday, January 13, 2017

Born this day in 1931, Charles Nelson Reilly, South Bronx, New York, 6'2" American actor, comedian, director, drama teacher known for his comedic roles and as a panelist on the game show Match Game. He died 05/25/2007 of pneumonia at age 76.
charles nelson reilly cameo phB 
Charles Nelson Reilly
gwen verdon cameo full
Gwen verdon cameo wen2 
Born this day in 1925, Gwen Verdon (Gwenyth Evelyn Verdon), Culver City, California, 5'4" won four tony awards, dazzled audiences in Damn Yankees, Can Can, Sweet Charity, Chicago, married to choreographer Bob Fosse. She died 10/18/2000 in her sleep at age 75.
Born this day in 1910, Jack Mercer, New York City, New York, actor, writer, voice of the cartoon star Popeye the Sailor for over 40 years, son of vaudeville entertainers. He died 12/04/1984 from stomach cancer at age 74.
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 Rip taylor cameo A300Rip taylor cameo x7lt
Jack Betts Rip Taylor cameo Nov10

Born this day in 1934, Rip Taylor (Charles Elmer Taylor Jr.) is 83, Washington, DC, 5'8 1/2” comedian, TV's Gong Show$, Beauty Show.

Died this day in 1983, Doodles Weaver (Winstead Sheffield Weaver) Los Angeles, California comic actor was with Spike Jones & The City Slickers. Born 05/11/1911, he committed suicide by gunshot at age 71.
Doodles weaver cameo
 Doodles Weaver cameo 0
 Ernie Kovacs - Ernie Kovacs Album
Ernie Kovacs Cameo When It S Over Ernie Kovacs 1960
Died this day in 1962, Ernie Kovacs (Ernest Edward Kovacs), Trenton, NJ comic and innovator who created one of the first weird TV shows, married to Edie Adams. Born 01/23/1919, he died from chest and head injuries in an auto accident at age 42.
Died this day in 2002, Frank Shuster of Toronto, Ontario, of "Wayne And Shuster," Canadian comedy team.  His daughter Rose wrote for Saturday Night Live and was married to producer Lorne Michaels. Born 09/05/1916, he died at age 85.
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