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Survey Results

On: Saturday, February 18, 2012

We got 122 answers to our survey question, which asked readers to describe themselves by answering the question "I Am...".

A professional comedian32%
An amateur/rising comedian
A comedy album collector3932%
A collector but rarely listen to albums32%
Interested in research material1916%
A frequent listener of comedy albums4638%
A casual/rare visitor to this blog11%

We currently have about 280 readers with access to this blog, and given that more than one answer could be chosen we can guesstimate that as many as  half responded to the survey. The smarter half, I might add. The funnier half. The handsomer and more beautiful half. The... oh, you get the idea. Next survey - take it! - and include yourself among the smarter/funnier/better looking half.
How will these results be used? 
Clearly, the largest share of responses came from those who listen to and collect albums, with another healthy chunk interested in research material. So the posted material seems to meet your expectations, and I will continue with the current mix.
And I'm pleased that another nice chunk of responses came from professional and amateur comedians; it would be nice to hear if they are looking for something that is missing from this blog, since they provide that which is the source of our addiction, "funny stuff." So let's hear from you! Oh, I forgot, comedians are the shy type, they have nothing to say about anything! So I guess I won't hear from any of you IN THE COMMENT AREA BELOW.

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