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Jonathan Winters - Best Of Maude Frickert & Elwood P Suggins 1959

On: Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jonathan Winters
Jonathan Harshman Winters III
Nov 11 1925 - Apr 11 2013 age 87

Jonathan Winters 'The Best of Maude Frickert & Elwood P. Suggins' is, for me, the funniest comedy album I have ever heard. Truly, I have never laughed so hard. This album features the extemporaneous genius of the great Jonathan Winters at his best. The fact that the album is no longer released and cannot be found in CD or MP3 form is a testimony to the stupidity or poor judgement and lack of marketing acumen of those who own the rights to the product and the sad state of the entertainment industry in general. It looks like I will have to cough up $61 + s/h to get a copy of the LP + a CD-R burn; but it will be well worth it. With the horrific state of the world today, I could use some deep, cathartic belly laughs; and this collection of prime Jonathan Winters' bits - especially the hilarious UFO bits - will provide them. Source cQ Amazon
01 New Flying Saucer 7:07
02 Old age Speaks Out Maude Frickert 4:25
03 Oldest Stewardess In The World Maude Frickert 6:12

04 Elwood P Suggins New Automobile 8:50
05 The American Farmer Elwood P Suggins 4:12
06 Flying Saucer 6:35


Verve V-15052


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