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Christine Nelson - Did'ja Come To Play Cards Or To Talk 1966

On: Monday, February 27, 2012

Christine Nelson
Roslyn Passilia
aka Mrs. Louis Quinn
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Apr 20 1926 - Aug 15 1988 age 62
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Christine Nelson was a singer and comedian who was featured as Katie Jones on "The Ray Bolger Show" in the 1954-55 television season. Over the years she performed with Milton Berle and Joey Bishop on their TV shows and on the old "Hollywood Palace" variety program. Source LA Times
Comedienne Christine Nelson is a short-haired beauty who does a little comedy then bursts into a really great old-fashioned vaudeville number, "I'm a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride."
She's by no means a stripper, but burlesque had several standard components that rarely varied, & the "talking woman" was one of the requisit standards. Very rarely as with burlesque superstar Rose la Rose the stripper had a talking woman act, but in most cases the talking woman was a comic or a comic foil to the emcee or the baggy-pants clown. Christine, however, is much more an authentic stand-up comic than usually required of the talking-woman.
She seems like someone who cut her teeth in the Borsch belt or did Yiddish theater before the war. Christine had a minor acting career in series television through the 1960s. I rather liked her old-fashioned stand-up routine, consisting largely of one-liners strung together as a sort of a story: "If all brides are beautiful how come there are so many ugly wives?" or "He put his head on my shoulder. Up until then I didn't know it came off." 
Source: weirdwildrealm

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02 Don't Leave The Table
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04 Dr. Moe
05 Beauty Shop
06 Pokeracci
07 Did'Ja Come To Play Cards Or To Talk?
08 Driving Test
09 Hollywood Party
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11 How Did I Do
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